Sushi burger (original)
Super Vegan Hijiki Salad
w/Carrot Ginger & Vegan Sesame Dressing
Spicy tuna Roll W/ top on Baked Crab
Ultimate Roll
fresh salmon & avocado roll w/ lightly seared
salmon on top.
eat with sea salt (recommend)
Crunchy Onioned Spicy Yellow Tail roll,
top on avocado wrap.
spicy sauce & eel sauce as design.
Baked Crab Hand Roll
Baked Crab inside soy paper wrap
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                     Special Menu 










(Sashimi Appetizer)

Yellow Tail Jalapeno                 $10

Albacore w/crunchy garlic     $12



 Re:Garlic Bomber                     $11

    (spicy tuna w/ garlic crunch)


(Vegan Menu)

Super Vegan Salad or Bowl.                   


w/Hijiki seaweed                           $10

(non spicy)

Truffle Salt Albacore Roll        $11


Ultimate Roll                              $13


Baked Crab Hand Roll                $9


Godzilla                                        $13

(spciy tuna w/ baked crab on top)


Pikachu                                         $13

(spicy Y.T. roll w/ baked crab on top)

Chewbacca Roll                          $13

(spicy crunchy onioned yellow tail w/ avo on top)

Sushi Burger (original)              $12

Crispy Rice as Bans, spicy tuna, green leaf,

wasabi and spicy mayo



Daifuku mochi                       $3

(Japanese Traditional non daily 

dessert. rice cake w/sweet red bean)


 Truffle Chocolate                       $2

(soft dark chocolate)       




Shikibu Brown Rice Sushi

Opening Hours


Monday - Friday 


       12:00pm -  2:00pm

       5:30 pm -  9:00pm


Contact Details


10834 Washington BLVD

Cuver City CA 90232


T: 310-837-3733

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Baked Crab Hand Roll

Baked Crab inside soy paper wrap