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Sushi burger (original)
Sushi burger (original)
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Spicy tuna Roll W/ top on Baked Crab

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Ultimate Roll
Ultimate Roll

fresh salmon & avocado roll w/ lightly seared salmon on top. eat with sea salt (recommend)

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Crunchy Onioned Spicy Yellow Tail roll, top on avocado wrap. spicy sauce & eel sauce as design.

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Baked Crab Hand Roll
Baked Crab Hand Roll

Baked Crab inside soy paper wrap

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                     Special Menu 










(Sashimi Appetizer)

Yellow Tail Jalapeno                 $18

Albacore w/crunchy garlic     $18


 Re:Garlic Bomber                     $15

    (spicy tuna w/ garlic crunch)


Mouth on Fire

code "Habanero"                          $14

(Extremely & Insanely  HOT !!!! )


(non spicy)

Truffle Salt Albacore Roll        $16

Ultimate Roll                              $20


Baked Crab Hand Roll               $14


Absolute Roll.                               $15

(YellowTail, Cucumber & Avocado w/Crunchy Onion)

Han Solo                                        $17

(crunchy onioned Poke Tuna w/Avocado on top )


Godzilla                                        $20

(spciy tuna w/ baked crab on top)

Chewbacca                                   $18

(spicy crunchy onioned yellow tail w/ avo on top)

Sushi Burger (original)               $18

Crispy Rice as Bans, spicy tuna, green leaf,

wasabi and spicy mayo




 Truffle Chocolate                       $3

(soft dark chocolate)       


Shikibu Brown Rice Sushi

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